Lavender Eye Pillow
  Lavender Freshness Bags
Lavender Fire Logs
Lavender-Flax Eye Pillows

This lovely handmade pillow is filled with our organically grown Lavender buds and golden flax seed.  Place the pillow over your eyes to help relieve headaches and soothe tired eyes.
(Satin or Lavender Print)
Size approx. 4" x 10"

Our Best Seller!
Lavender Fire Logs

A unique housewarming gift!
These fragrant logs are handcrafted by us using the long stems of our fragrant organic lavender.  Add one to a slow-burning open fire/campfire or display a few beside a gas or electric fireplace.  The warmth of the fire brings out the essential oils to provide an aromatic room decoration.
(Each log is approx. 19" long and 11" in circumference)

$6.95 each (3 logs for $19.95)


Lavender Freshness Bags

A unique gift with multiple uses!

These large
refillable unbleached muslin bags are stuffed with our organic Provence  buds, leaves and stems. Every part of the lavender plant contains essential oils.  Lavender is an antibacterial and anti-fungal herb and also a natural moth repellant. 

Stuff them in pillow shams, cushions, sneakers or hockey skates to freshen and protect your valuable possessions!

$7.95 each
(each approx. 6" x 4")