Lavender Buds
Organic Lavender Buds
(Lavandin "Grosso" & Provence)

Our organic locally-grown Lavandin varieties of Lavender Buds are 
hand-harvested in the early morning hours for superior long-lasting fragrance. 
Lavandin Intermedia Grosso, blue-grey when dried, is the most popular variety of Lavender grown
in the south of France for bud and oil production, due to its high oil content. 
Lavandin Intermedia Provence, grey when dried, has the most intense refreshing fragrance.
Lavandins are the 'lavender of choice' in potpourris and as a natural deodorizer and effective
moth (and rodent) repellant for your closets and drawers. 

2 cups  $14.95   1/4 lb.    $28.00    1/2 lb.  $52.00

There are approx. 8 cups per 1/2 lb.
Lavender Buds
(Imported from Provence, France)

A high quality Lavandula x intermedia "Super" variety.
Indigo blue with soft fragrance.

Perfect in sachets or as a "fragrant" wedding toss instead of confetti!

1/4 lb.    $7.95          1/2 lb.    $13.95            1 lb.   $24.95

There are approx. 16 cups of Lavender in one pound.
For orders of 2 lbs. or more  $23.95 per lb.
Certified Organic "True" Lavender Buds
(Lavandula Angustifolia "Royal Velvet")

An excellent variety suitable for culinary and aromatherapy use!
Deep indigo blue buds with a sweet, relaxing and long-lasting fragrance!
Certified organic and ready to use for teas, baking or sweet dream pillows!

Complimentary tested recipes are included with your order.

Ziplock bag (3/4 cup)    $8.00
*2 cups  $16.95    1/4 lb.  $32.00   1/2 lb.   $59.95 

NEW! Lavender "Fusion" Buds

A superb fusion of imported "Super" Lavender buds (from Provence)
and our organic Lavandula and Lavandin varieties, artisan-blended for the
best fragrance and colour at an affordable price!

1/4 lb.    $15.95         1/2 lb.    $28.95            1 lb.   $50.00

There are approx. 16 cups of Lavender in one pound.