Lavandin x intermedia Grosso
(pictured at right)

organic Lavandin Intermedia Grosso bunches are hand-picked in the lavender field. Ready for you to arrange as you wish!

Use in floral arrangements or place markers
in weddings (blue-grey colour!.
(Approx. 90-100 stems)
14-17" L x  5" W per bunch).

$8.50 per field bunch
>10 field bunches $7.50

"Royal Velvet"

(pictured at right

organic Lavandula Royal Velvet is an elegant long-stemmed variety with deep indigo blue buds and a sweet, relaxing fragrance.

Excellent for bridal bouquets, home decor
or place markets in weddings.

$9.50 per bunch
>10 bunches $8.50

(Approx. 90-100 stems)
(12-15" L x 4" W per bunch

Limited Quantities Available

English Lavender Bunches

Lavender bouquets are created using our vibrant
Lavandula Hidcote variety.

Approx. 60 stems are hand-picked and arranged into little bouquets.  Perfect to split into wedding place markers!
Approx. 6 ins. long (pictured on left, above)
$6.95 each or  >20  $5.95

Approx. 7-8 ins. long (pictured in  middle, above)
$7.95 each

Approx. 9-10 ins. long (pictured at right, above)
$8.95 each

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