Create Your Own Lavender Wedding!

Lavender is the Herb of Devotion and also "something blue".
It is the perfect flower for your Wedding day! 
Consider tossing Lavender buds into the air as a romantic Wedding Toss, sprinkle the tabletops with buds or encase some in sachet bags as fragrant reminders for your guests!

We have a great selection of Sachets unfilled OR filled with our Lavender buds (see below).

Click Here for Information and Prices for Lavender Buds

Place a "recipe scroll" around a few stems of Lavender and
display a small bunch at each guest's place setting!
We are offering our organic Hidcote lavender in smaller bunches (30-35 stems),
the perfect size for guest favours or as guest's place markers!
(Click Here for Information and Prices for our Lavender Bunches)

Muslin Cotton Lavender Sachet
(Hand-printed with Lavender design)

Stuffed with 1 1/2 cups of our French Fusion Lavender buds.
Make a unique and useful Wedding Favour!

(available "filled" or "unfilled" - click here for picture and prices)
$7.95 each (4 x 6")
50-100   $6.50      

Mini-Organza Lavender Sachet

Elegant sheer bags with satin ribbon tie are stuffed with
our French Fusion Lavender buds
Contain approx. 1/4 cup of fragrant French Fusion lavender buds

(bags available "unfilled" for 
.45 each with purchase of our lavender buds)

$3.50 each (3 x 4")
Six sachets packaged in a pretty cello bag with purple twist tie
and our gold seal.  Makes the perfect gift!

50-100  $2.50 each   >100  $2.00 each  

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